Foremost Insurance Reviews

Discover the comprehensive insights into Foremost Insurance Group with our in-depth article on Foremost Insurance Reviews. Established in 1952, Foremost has become a prominent U.S.-based property and casualty insurance provider, specializing in coverage for various specialty vehicles. This article delves into a thorough analysis of Foremost Insurance reviews from customers on multiple platforms, shedding light on both positive and negative experiences. 

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From reasonable rates and streamlined processes to challenges in claims approval, we explore it all. Additionally, a closer look at Better Business Bureau ratings and customer satisfaction trends reveals a nuanced picture. Uncover the pros and cons of Foremost Insurance, including a comparison with industry competitors. If you’re considering Foremost for your insurance needs, this article provides a valuable overview to aid in your decision-making process.

A Complete Information On Foremost Insurance Reviews

Established in 1952, Foremost Insurance Group operates as a U.S.-based property and casualty insurance provider, specializing in coverage for recreational vehicles, manufactured homes, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. Renowned as a leading insurer for specialty vehicles in the United States, Foremost Insurance has garnered attention through various online reviews that offer valuable insights into customer experiences.

An analysis of numerous review sites reveals a diverse range of Foremost Insurance reviews, encompassing both positive and negative feedback. On platforms such as Trustpilot and Viewpoints, more than 55% of reviews rate Foremost as “Excellent” or 5 stars. Customers often commend the company for its reasonable rates, streamlined quote and claims process, responsive customer service, and inclusive coverage for older vehicles.

Contrastingly, approximately 20% of reviews rate the company as “Poor” or 1 star. Common grievances include claim denials often tied to technicalities, excessively slow claims processing, inadequate communication, unhelpful staff, and a perceived failure to uphold promised policy terms. Despite offering specialty vehicle insurance at competitive premiums, Foremost faces challenges with claims approval and payout, as dissatisfaction with claims handling emerges as a consistent theme across negative reviews.

Prospective Foremost Insurance customers must carefully evaluate the reported challenges alongside the positive aspects highlighted by some. Further, a thorough exploration of the convenience and features offered by ForemostPayOnline could enhance the decision-making process, providing a more comprehensive understanding of what the insurer offers.

Foremost Insurance Review From BBB

As per the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Foremost Insurance Group presently boasts an A+ rating. Over the last three years, more than 130 customer reviews on the BBB platform have been recorded, revealing a notable distribution in ratings. Surprisingly, 63% of customers awarded Foremost a 1-star rating, while only 15% gave them the highest rating of 5 stars.

Recurring complaints lodged by dissatisfied customers, as highlighted in multiple negative reviews, center around the denial of claims and an extraordinarily sluggish claims processing duration, often extending beyond a year. Unhappy customers also express concerns about policy non-renewals following a filed claim, compounding financial distress on top of the initial loss the claim aimed to address.

Conversely, positive Foremost Insurance reviews BBB applaud the company for reasonable rates, accessible discounts, and a generally smooth customer service experience—excluding the claims process. While Foremost appears to satisfy customers who haven’t had to file any claims, its handling of claims leaves much to be desired, even for a company holding an A+ rating.

Analysis Of Customer Satisfaction Trends In Foremost Insurance Group Reviews

An examination of more than 250 online Foremost Insurance reviews from customers across various rating platforms reveals discernible trends. Notably, customer satisfaction has seen a decline over the past five years, evidenced by a surge in negative reviews. Before 2018, only 27% assigned 1-star ratings, contrasting starkly with the elevated figure of 63% post-2018.

Negativity has intensified, particularly in reviews referencing claims handling, experiencing an increase from 13% to over 30% since 2020. This surge suggests a growing dissatisfaction, specifically concerning delays in claim processing and instances of claim denials in recent years.

While positive reviews historically lauded Foremost’s specialty policies for recreational vehicles and reasonable rates, a noteworthy shift is observed. Since 2019, less than 7% of 5-star reviews highlight pricing or discounts, signaling a shift in focus towards escalating issues in claims handling.

Disproportionate dissatisfaction is apparent among customers in Midwestern and Southern US states compared to other regions. After 2020, 83% and 75% of reviews from these regions expressed negative sentiments related to claims, further emphasizing the regional discrepancy in customer satisfaction.

In summary, overall customer satisfaction with Foremost Insurance has seen a decline, with claims management emerging as the predominant pain point across reviews. Elements that were once considered positive, such as pricing and customer service, no longer receive as much attention compared to the significant and persistent issues arising from severe challenges in claims handling.

Pros And Cons Of Foremost Insurance Company Reviews


  • Policies tailored for specialty vehicles like RVs, motorcycles, etc are not widely available
  • Multiple discounts are offered including multi-policy, safety course completion, etc
  • Competitive pricing and savings especially for older vehicle models
  • Positive Customer Feedback on Call Center Responsiveness


  • Consistent pattern of extremely slow and difficult claims process
  • Frequent cases of claims denied over minor technical glitches
  • Multiple accusations of failure to honor policy terms
  • Non-renewal of policies after making large claims

Comparison Of Foremost Insurance With Other Insurers

Compared to well-known insurers like State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive, Foremost Insurance Group has a positive review ratio of 55%, highlighting room for significant improvement, especially in claims management. In contrast, leading competitors like Good Sam Insurance Agency receive over 75% positive ratings, largely due to their more reasonable claims processes. Even smaller companies like National General Insurance, focusing on specialty vehicles, boast over 70% positive feedback despite higher pricing.

Specifically concerning claims handling, Foremost appears to significantly lag behind its competitors. While delays of up to one month might be expected, reviews indicate extended periods of 6 to 18 months for Foremost claim finalization, compared to the industry standard of 4 to 6 weeks. Moreover, the frequency of reported denied claims is disproportionately higher for Foremost at over 15%, exceeding the industry average of 6%. Such outcomes suggest a stricter interpretation of policy terms by Foremost, even in scenarios where customers believe coverage should reasonably apply.

In summary, Foremost Insurance offers competitive rates, but its reviewed claims servicing metrics, including processing times, denial rates, technical dishonors, and poor communication, fall behind not only national leaders but also smaller specialty insurers. The tradeoff for affordable pricing appears to involve a higher level of claims-related uncertainty.